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VENDOR - 10x10 space, non food or beverages. Fishtailz Super Show Modesto, ca.

Welcome to California's biggest all indoor motorcycle show for the 3rd year in a row!!! You are purchasing 1 vendor space for California's biggest motorcycle Super Show! You will receive 2 entry passes with every 10x10. This is for a indoor space. Your space is 10'x10'. You can buy as many 10x10 spaces you need, the vendor spaces are already discounted. You may not sell food, beverages, cannabis or weapons. If using a canopy, you may not use the top cover, just the skeleton of the canopy- no exceptions. Move in Friday September 15th from 8am-5pm and again September 16th from 6am-10am. Show time is September 16th from 11am-6pm at the Modesto centre plaza in Modesto California, right next to the double tree hotel. No refunds what so ever. By making this purchase you understand there are no refunds. All vendors vehicles will be checked for weapons & narcotics. To be a sponsor email us at THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF CALIFORNIA'S BIGGEST MOTORCYCLE SUPER SHOW! All motorcycles, custom bicycles & pedal cars are welcome! Over $5,000 in cash prizes! 1 motorcycle and 1 bicycle will receive Motorcycle and Bicycle of the year title! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @fishtailz_magazine_official